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Glazed Parrot

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Limited Edition Photograph by Sebastian Mader. New York, 2023.

The edition is limited to 25 prints [+3AP] across all sizes.

 Glazed Parrot is part of the Liquid Flowers Series, which unveils a breathtaking tableau of colorful flowers embracing a delicate dance with water and liquids. 

The scene unfolds like a poetic reverie - a mesmerizing choreography between rain-kissed puddles and glistening dewdrops that tenderly bedeck the velvety petals of the flowers. The liquid alchemy orchestrates a play of shadow and reflection, revealing every intricate nuance and ripple of texture upon the petals.

The contrast between the lively colors of the petals and the fluid nature of the water creates a sense of calm and vibrancy in the scene. 

The presence of water elements complements the flowers, enhancing their beauty. Overall, the prints capture the vivid energy of the flowers and the peaceful elegance of the scenes, offering a glimpse into the harmonious relationship between these natural elements.

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